Summit announces free parking through April 28

The Summit Common Council on Wednesday announced free parking at street meters and municipal lots through April 28.

The move, which includes a waiver for permit parking for the duration, is part of the effort to keep Summit businesses welcoming for shoppers making essential trips out during the statewide coronavirus lockdown.

While parking in downtown Summit will be free, time limits for parking remain in effect.

From the City of Summit website:

[T]ime limits and illegal parking will be strictly enforced to allow for the turnover of parking spaces. This includes enforcement at all 15-minute, 30-minute, 90-minute and two-hour street metered spaces, in the Bank Street Lot and on the ground-level of the Tier Garage. These spaces are for customers only. Employees working in the downtown are asked to continue to park in the designated employee lots and garages.

The Parking Services Agency has also designated parking spaces for curbside pickup in downtown for items ordered by customers from businesses either online or by telephone. These designated parking spaces are indicated by signs reading, “Curbside Pickup Only” and are reserved for patrons of businesses offering takeout service. If a vehicle is parked in a curbside pickup space for more than 15 minutes, it may be issued a parking violation.

“During the time of declared national and state emergency, it is important for the governing body to do everything we can to help sustain our local businesses,” explains Summit Mayor Nora Radest. “I hope free parking will be an incentive for people to access our downtown businesses, and the designated curbside pickup spots will encourage people to order takeout and shop in our downtown at a safe social distance.”

Read the entire announcement.