Gratitude in the coronavirus age

Seen on Facebook:

Morristown Medical Center nurse photo shows unknown man thanking hospital staffers for saving his wife’s life. (Credit: Allison Swendsen/Facebook)

We’ll admit we had an “I’m not crying, you’re crying moment” on social media this morning.

Morristown’s Daily Record had the back story behind this heartwarming yet mysterious photograph taken outside of the local hospital’s emergency department, which is not accepting visitors because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We don’t know who the man is, we don’t know who his wife is. The nurses happened to be there and took his picture. What’s beautiful is that’s all we know,” said Karen Zatorski, Senior Public Relations Manager at Morristown Medical Center.

Hospital staff did not recognize the man but were left in awe by his message. Emergency room nurse Allison Swendsen captured the emotional moment and shared the photo with other nurses in her department. It’s now making its rounds on social media thanks to nurse Paige Vander Vliet who shared the image with her sister-in-law, Shay Vander Vliet, who then posted it to Facebook.

The post also asks people to support the efforts of Morristown Medical Center’s staff by donating to a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign established to raise money to obtain sorely needed PPE N95 face masks for workers.