NJ SNAP recipients getting some pandemic help

In answer to the coronavirus crisis, state officials announced Friday that about 200,000 low-income households receiving benefits from the New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will get a little help to purchase groceries starting this weekend.


From the Union Daily Voice:

The … [p]rogram is distributing $70 million in extra SNAP benefits over the next two months, officials with the state Department of Human Services said Friday.

It begins this Sunday with an extra payment sent to nearly 205,000 New Jersey households enrolled in NJ SNAP.  The money will be directly loaded to NJ SNAP recipients’ Families First EBT cards, state officials said.

Recipients will be able to use the benefits beyond the month of March, they added.


The Daily Voice reports the regular April benefit payment will include the supplemental bonus, which equals the difference between a recipient’s usual monthly benefit and the federal government-mandated maximum payout. SNAP households that already receive that maximum benefit will not receive the supplemental payment.

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